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The show’s premise comes directly from a memoir of the same name: A white, middle-class woman named Piper, who graduated from a prestigious women’s college, became involved romantically with a woman who was working for a drug ring. They traveled together on out-of-town business, and Piper agreed to carry a suitcase of drug money. She wasn’t caught, but years later she was named in a drug conspiracy, convicted and sent to prison. Beyond that basic premise, Orange’s writers have created a fictionalized version of Piper’s story, as well as fictional backstories for the inmates Piper is serving time with. The memoir was adapted for Netflix by Jenji Kohan, who is also the showrunner, overseeing production of the series. Kohan also created the Showtime series Weeds. She tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross about the show’s close-knit cast, why she chose Netflix, and what draws her to stories about privileged white women and criminality. There are very few crossroads anymore.

Samira Wiley Is Engaged to Orange Is the New Black Writer Lauren Morelli

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Jan 31, Everyone in Hollywood — and many outside of it — is talking about diversity. But one show that has been doing so since its inception in is Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black,” which took home the best comedy ensemble award for the second year in a row. In the press room, with emerald actor statues in their hand, the women who play inmates at Litchfield Penitentiary and the men who play their correctional officers addressed the recent conversation that has unfolded following the OscarsSoWhite controversy.

Diversity is not just black and white. It’s universal and a lot more than what we’re focusing on. That’s not the solution. The solution starts before that. People will tune in. The show has characters and actors of all ages, races, sexual orientations, gender identities, religions and socioeconomic statuses. Samira Wiley, who is black and lesbian and plays Poussey, said the show has also diversified the representations of women on the small screen. It’s a mirrored reflection of life.

Orange Is the New Black creator admits season 5 was weak

Loosely based on the memoirs of Piper Kerman , the series follows her incarceration in a female prison. Starting as a something yuppie, Piper Chapman Taylor Schilling has it all: But it all collapses when Alex Vause Laura Prepon , a member of an international drug ring, is brought to trial. Alex was Piper’s college girlfriend, and Piper became an accomplice when she carried a suitcase full of money, once.

Sentenced to 15 months for her crimes, Chapman must trade her life in New York City for a stay in Litchfield Federal Correctional Institution with a motley crew of inmates, each with her own story—a Russian mobster Kate Mulgrew , a Hispanic woman Dascha Polanco whose first act is to get slapped by her angry mother, a trans woman who committed credit card fraud to finance her operations Laverne Cox , and more—not to mention her own personal nemesis, Alex Vause.

“Orange is the New Black has profoundly impacted popular culture worldwide, and has played a prominent role in building Lionsgate into a platform-defining brand,” said Lionsgate Television Group Chairman Kevin Beggs.

In the mid s the series was novelized as well. The series exists in manga , anime , novel , and radio drama incarnations. Originally a manga consisting of 18 volumes, it was necessary for Izumi to create an extended ending in the wideban release because the original run had been canceled. Translations of the manga and novels exist in several languages, including Chinese and French.

In addition, there is a five volume “cinema” radio drama set on compact disc. It has a slightly different storyline than the anime or manga, but more closely resembles the anime. The CD dramas are published by Victor Entertainment. In the United States , the TV series, OVAs, and the first movie were licensed by AnimEigo , though these licenses expired in August and they were unable to renew the license due to undisclosed reasons.

He and his siblings have supernatural powers, referred to in the series as “The Power”, and are described as espers in the series. They are forbidden from using their powers in public, lest they be discovered and exploited.

Orange Is The New Black Actress Laverne Cox Relationship is dating a hot Boyfriend

And in honour of its return we take a look at the real woman behind the hit Netflix series and find out just how much of the show’s sometimes-incredulous plot is true. In , a wealthy Boston woman, Piper Kerman, penned a book by the same name about her experiences behind bars after serving 13 months of a month prison sentence for drug trafficking and money laundering. Just like her character Piper Chapman, played by Taylor Schilling, an inmate inside Litchfield penitentiary, the author fell in love with an ‘Alex Vaus’, ended up involved in an international drug ring, and met a real-life Red.

But which of the show’s most memorable moments really happened?

Credit: Lauren Morelli on Instagram Orange is the New Black Orange Is the New Black Writer Divorces Husband, Dating Actress Samira Wiley September .

Morelli attended different award shows with the actress over the past few weeks, and both have looked happy and in love. In , Lyonne was admitted to in under asuffering froma infection, and a ; she was also undergoing treatment. She was expelled for selling at school. She made her feature film debut with a supporting role in the Mercy ran for one season from September to May Retrieved June 8, Lyonne sometimes makes darkly humorous jokes that her family consists of Jewish ancestry, such as; “my father’s side,and my mother’s side.

Retrieved March 1, Retrieved 1 March She currently stars as Piper Chapman in the original seriesbased on the memoir. Datinb Upper School of Ramaz, a private Jewish school, where Lyonne said she was a scholarship kid who took honors classes and read. Retrieved July 13, Then she and her parents moved towhere Lyonne spent a year and a half.

Let’s Go Speed Dating With The Cast Of Orange Is The New Black! UK

Thirteen episodes were filmed for the first season; the show has been renewed for Season Two. That’s no small feat, but her character on “Orange Is the New Black” wouldn’t have it any other way. Cox, an Alabama native, is a transgender actress playing a transgender inmate on the groundbreaking series on Netflix. She’ll be the first to tell you it’s unusual to find a transgender woman in the cast of a prestige project like this one, and even rarer for a transgender woman of color.

Orange Is the New Black star Lea DeLaria announced that she and longtime girlfriend Chelsea Fairless have called off their engagement and broken up just days after their scheduled wedding date.

This article is our Orange Is the New Black season 5 news hub and will be updated and restructured to reflect new information. For now, Netflix is focused on the fifth season. Here’s everything we know Orange Is the New Black Season 5 Trailer We’ve got a full-length trailer for the fifth season of Orange Is the New Black and it is chock-full of inspiring and hilarious moments as the inmates of Litchfield Penitentary protest for better conditions.

It picks up right where last year’s shocking climax left off. Check it out below: Orange is the New Black Season 5 Story Fresh off a SAG Award win for best ensemble cast in a comedy series, actress Danielle Brooks provided some insight into what we can expect in the new season, revealing the structure of season five: So, it will be very detailed, very intense, and you better get ready. I don’t know when it’s coming out because they never tell us, but sometime in the summer.

Lori Petty’s Whitehill is on her way to the psych ward though Petty has said she will be appearing. Moore and Elizabeth Rodriguez. The series has backed up that claimed with numerous awards over its first three seasons, including 12 Emmy nominations and three wins for season one alone.

OITNB’s Lea DeLaria & Girlfriend Break Up Amicably

Morelli is now reportedly dating one of the Netflix series’ female stars, Samira Wiley. Morelli and Basilone filed for divorce jointly and split amicably, according to court documents obtained by E! Morelli came out as gay via a touching essay for Identities.

So in love! Laverne Cox and her boyfriend, Kyle Draper, are going strong. A source exclusively tells Us Weekly that the Orange Is the New Black star, 46, and the L.A.-based real estate agent met.

Probably not unless you’re in her circle of friends, in which case congratulations on a truly awesome squad. If you take things personally, you won’t be a very happy person. OITNB is such a socially progressive show, so I can’t imagine signing onto it and being a super conservative person. They want to be challenged and made to think about things, whether they agree with them or not. I don’t know, there are a lot of moments on the show where I’m like, “okay, interesting At the end of the day, it’s a television show, and I always try to separate my personal ethics and morals if it makes sense for the character and the material.

We’re hired to do our job. And you do that the best you can. Does that ever get old, or feel objectifying? I don’t really let it bother me. And it doesn’t really. I always just try to make sure that whoever I’m doing it with feels comfortable. But yeah, when the show first came out there weren’t a lot of things like it on the air, and there still aren’t. It makes sense to me that we could get asked that question, so I don’t think it’s objectifying.


Most of the time, the year-old beauty is made to look dowdy as she negotiates the emotional and physical ups and downs of Piper Chapman. The character is based on Piper Kerman, an American who was jailed for money laundering and drug trafficking after getting romantically involved with a female drug dealer. She wrote about her experience in a bestselling memoir, which was the starting point for the darkly funny show.

Tiffany Doggett In Orange is the New Black (Image: Netflix) Probably no surprise, but that showdown between Piper and Pennsatucky where she almost beats her to death in the snow? Didn’t happen.

Taylor Schilling “I was somebody with a life that I chose for myself and now, now it’s just about getting through the day without crying. I’m scared that I’m not myself in here and I’m scared that I am. The series shows Piper’s journey through the prison system, beginning with her rough first week, during which she accidentally makes several enemies and struggles to adapt to life on the inside, as well as reuniting with Alex.

Surprisingly—given how Chapman’s appearance stands out in prison holding the Hollywood standard of beauty—averted. The real life Piper is the only one of the original main three her, “Alex” and Larry who shares definite physical resemblance with the on-screen character based on her. Piper is very skilled at this due to being well-educated and well-informed, and possibly owing to her narcissism.

Black Cindy compared her to Inspector Gadget when she provides proof that the transistor radio that she nicked during her absence from the Litch had her prison number on it. Her meticulousness showed when she reacted negatively by being compared to that character when she said that he was never a good detective and would never have gotten anything done without his stuff.

After Suzanne briefly interrupts her intimate moment with Vause in the chapel while consoling her after Tricia’s death, she teased them by singing “Vanilla and vanilla swirl” she muses that it may not be a swirl when they’re of the same flavor. Larry angrily tells Piper that it extremely difficult for him to live in their house that still has a lot of her stuff and tells her that “It’s like living in a sarcophagus.


Comments The writer for the popular Netflix show Lauren Morelli and her husband of two years Steve Basilone have jointly filed for divorce and she is now dating Wiley. Lauren Morelli, one of the writers for ” Orange Is the New Black “, and her husband of two years Steve Basilone have agreed to go separate ways and now she is dating actress Samira Wiley who plays Poussey on the popular Netflix show. According to TMZ, the writer and her ex-husband jointly filed for divorce recently.

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Actress, producer-writer of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Marry

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