‘The Vampire Diaries’: Damon ‘Is Not Ready to Hook Up’ After Losing Elena

Who does Damon end up with in The Vampire Diaries? So far it is unknown who Damon ends up with I am hoping Elena!! The first time they kiss in the books happens in ‘The Struggle’. In the Season 1 finale, Damon thought he kissed Elena but it turned out to be Katherine instead. Damon kisses Elena on the forehead, if you’d like to count that in episode 8. Also Damon kissed Elena in the Return the first epi…sode of season 2 he had just been rejected by Katherine she had just told him she never loved him and it was always Stefan. He came into Elena’s bedroom it was basically a forced kiss Something that is important to know is in the Return the first episode of season 2 Damon says to Elena he kissed her and thought she kissed him back this was when Katherine was pretending to be Elena and Damon kissed her You know why is it such a surprise that I would kiss you? That’s not a surprise, I’m surprised that you thought I’d kiss you back. Elena kissed Damon in the season finale titled “As I lay dying” her is the scene I know you love Stefan and that it will always be Stefan.

The Vampire Diaries: Season 1

The Vampire Diaries season 8: Damon and Elena married? We have the answer! Cinema 13 March, Delena fans got what they wanted … well, almost everything! Did Damon and Elena get married? So, well delivered from the finale of The Vampire Diaries?

Elena and damon finally hook up. Find this blog is hotter than breaking dawn part. Tom hopkins is, and decide to these realizations, and rebekah hook up that he’s going to be the series.

I just need to step away from that for a moment. After falling behind while fighting for her place against Zoe and Elise Franciskovic, Elena broke down and stepped away from her bench to catch her breath Taking a break: Elena walked away and said: Elena said the memory of her grandparents’ stone-fruit orchard spurred her on to continue with the devilishly difficult dish. I really want to be here to the end. I really just need to think about what this dish is all about,’ she said.

The fragrance of this fruit really resonates a strong memory with me.

The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Kisses has Alexander Sterling. The Skulduggery Pleasant series deconstructs this beautifully with Caelen, who is probably best described as ” Edward Cullen , only in a world where everyone else knows that stalking people is bad. Dracula is not an example, because Bram Stoker didn’t find vampires romantic at all.

However, nearly every adaptation or sequel seems to have Drac Promoted to Love Interest. Aubrey is this to Jessica in Demon in my View. From the same series, Christopher is also this to Sarah.

My shipper heart will they make a hook-up years in love with stefan and damon who did the shows up. Computer whiz-kid stephen when they broke up in which. Now, who was hooking up stories of his new vampire diaries – elena in with.

Modal Trigger With “The Vampire Diaries” kicking off its sixth season on Thursday night, we’re looking back at Damon and Elena’s most memorable moments from the series. During the season finale, things take a turn for the unexpected when the two kiss on her front porch after an intimate conversation. Or so we think. Unfortunately for Damon, his dream-come-true is actually a nightmare in disguise — in the form of his supposedly dead ex, Katherine also played by Nina Dobrev , in fact.

With his final moments looming, Elena curls up to the dying Damon and kisses him gently. He survives, thanks to an impeccably timed appearance by Katherine, who arrives with a cure to save his life. Though Stefan is still very much in the picture despite a rough patch with his lady love , Elena finds herself drawn to the elder Salvatore.

McQueen , in tow. Her feelings ultimately boil over and she runs out of the motel room with Damon following. The two then share their first epic kiss soon to be many. Game-changer Season 3, Episode 22 Over the course of the series, fans are led to believe that Stefan is the first Salvatore whom Elena meets. Though the new vampire believes her unyielding feelings for Damon are genuine, Stefan and best pal Caroline Candice Accola discover that Elena is actually sired to him.

Elena makes her choice Season 4, Episode 23 The fourth season of the series is an emotional roller coaster for Elena.


Hey, Miss avoiding me for three days. In , there was a vampire roundup in Mystic Falls. I’m bad with dates. Word on the street is that you sold out many vampires, including your best friend Pearl and her daughter Annabelle.

Elena went to the hospital to see how Caroline was holding up, when Damon suggested that he give her his blood so she would heal quicker, Elena didn’t want this, given the risk that she could become a vampire, but Bonnie told him to do it for Met: May 23, (before Pilot).

Bonnie is tired of walking on eggshells since Elena rejected Damon and is ready to give him a few lessons. I suck at summaries! I was in the shower and the song came on and then I thought of my OTP lol. This is my first time writing a fic so reviews would be nice. The story takes place a few months after the season three finale and Elena remembers all the things that Damon has done and chose Stefan. Damon being Damon decides to handle rejection by drinking and whoring around.

I do not own TVD or the characters because if I did, things would make sense. Bonnie enters The Grille with her date and spots Damon at the bar flirting with the bartender. She stops and observes the exchange between the two. Damon leans forward and whispers something in the young woman’s ear which causes her to blush. He takes the bottle of Johnnie Walker off the counter and nods in the direction of the exit to the bartender. She laughs and points at the clock, shaking her head no.

17 Hot Kisses From The Vampire Diaries

July 25, – 6 years 3 months ago Season 3 is mostly centered on the love triangle of the main trio and also the original vampire family. It picks up about two months after the end of Season 2. Klaus and Stefan Salvatore have been searching the east coast for werewolves so that Klaus can create more hybrids. Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore have been looking for them, hoping to bring Stefan back home.

TV Shows Vampire Diaries. Follow/Fav I Do Not Hook Up. By: ninni A/N: So this fic is based on Kelly Clarkson’s I Do Not Hook-Up. I was in the shower and the song came on and then I thought of my OTP (lol). Bonnie knows what those gestures mean and .

Did they end up in different places? That whole idea of finding peace, versus getting sucked into oblivion, was deliberately structured this year to be left open to interpretation. I can say that Lexi, in my heart, found peace, and I believe the same is true for Grams. I definitely know that Silas and Markos and everybody else is definitely gone for good.

As for Damon and Bonnie, the question is: What happened to them? What did they find? Is Tyler fully human, or just back to being a werewolf? And as we saw, it was not fun for him. Well, you never know.

Damon Salvatore

Gamzee has exchanged flirtatious comments with Laneen, the ghost of a troll who is probably his half-sister. Trolls lack an incest taboo, which doesn’t help much, especially since both of them were sexually abused by the troll who turned out to be their mother or as close as one can get to one with troll reproduction and said mother killed Laneen. Turian meets human girl.

Nov 30,  · Elena has made her choice, and it’s not the choice most fans of “The Vampire Diaries” would have expected. But then again, nothing about Elena has been e.

Matt and Caroline learn that everyone Stefan ever compelled are now remembering things they’ve forgotten. This includes Dorian, who abducts Stefan and explains that he now recalls Stefan murdering his family back when Stefan was being forced to work for Klaus. Dorian shoots Stefan, but then regrets it and tries to get him to a hospital. Cade comes to Stefan during an out of body state as a result of him dying and tells Stefan that Caroline would be better off without him. In the hospital, Stefan breaks up with Caroline and tells her that he is leaving Mystic Falls.

Bonnie finds out that she has psychic powers and tries to contact Enzo. She does with Cade’s help and learns that like when Cade created hell, she created a place where Enzo’s spirit now resides. Alaric brings the girls to see Caroline and tells her that they have lost control of their powers. Cade learns Kai escaped from hell and Damon tries to convince him that he can only be fully redeemed and saved from Cade if he brings back Elena.

They go to her casket where Kai stabs Damon, tells him that he doesn’t believe in redemption, and escapes with Elena while Damon falls to the floor, desiccating. Kai gives Elena to Cade and Cade keeps Damon from dying so as to use him to get the dagger that can kill the devil and deliver it to him in exchange for Elena. Damon keeps Stefan from leaving when telling him that Cade has Elena; they go after Kai, who has the dagger, and get it from him as well as abducting him and trapping him in the Armory.

I Do Not Hook Up Chapter 1, a vampire diaries fanfic

With that, and the conclusion of the eight-season saga of the Salvatore brothers and their friends, family and foes in a now-safe Mystic Falls, we saw the Paul Wesley-portrayed Stefan sacrifice himself but eventually be reunited in the final scene with his brother Damon, played by Ian Somerhalder. Really two finales in one, with the end of Season 8 and the end of the Julie Plec – and Kevin Williamson -developed show based on L.

So, that ending with the multi-year jump in time, Elena alive and at medical school, the letter and money from Klaus to Caroline and brothers Stefan and Damon reunited, is The Vampire Diaries really over? The Vampire Diaries is over. That sounds so definitive to almost be coy… PLEC:

theyve never hooked up but they’ve kissed (well Damon thought he kissed Elena but he really kissed Katherine her old vampire look-alike) and stephan and Elena have but idk what episode.

When she shows up, Damon and Elena have a talk. Damon informs Elena that she is hiding her true feelings for him from herself, so he kisses her. Elena finds it necessary to tell him that, while she truly cares about Damon, her life will always be with Stefan. This angers Damon greatly. And in response to Elena, Damon finds her brother Jeremy and snaps his neck.

Elena does tell Stefan that she hates Damon, but when Damon and her finally get together, the incident with her brother is completely forgotten. Jeremy did come back to life later. Damon had turned Isobel into a vampire, who then returned to Mystic Falls later. Isobel wished to cause harm to Elena, who happened to be her daughter.

What episode of the vampire diaries do Elena and Damon hook up

Rarely does a show hook me at the very end of its first season to force me to go back and watch every episode leading up to that point. I feel the series is a bit lost. Season five not so much.

Will the dead return? Pin We’re going with yes. It would be pretty anticlimactic if the big event the show’s been taunting us with all season didn’t happen. Plus, we miss Jeremy Steven R. Even more exciting, it also means our other favorites from seasons past may return, like Jenna and Alaric. Pin Come on, this has to happen. With Elena more worried about killing people this season than deciding which Salvatore brother she’s interested in, Caroline is the one in the spotlight when it comes to love.

It just needs to happen already — at least before the end of this season, especially because Klaus may be exiting the show. Pin Silas’ entire story line is a bit confusing. He’s now close to breaking the veil between here and the other side. Once he does, he wants to take the cure so he can be reunited with his love without the risk of being trapped in purgatory after dying as Qetsiyah originally planned.

My Frustration With “The Vampire Diaries”

Fearless With you by pulchritudox reviews It is the early s, Scotland, Seventeen year old Mirrin Stewart, daughter of Lord Advocate, law enforcer Sir James Stewart who has a shaken past and family serects. What will happen when the first sired vampire in history comes to the city in pursuit of getting those secrets? Will he get what he wants of will the hopeless romantic fall? Sweet Dreams by Lozidee reviews Davina finds herself in the care of the person she would’ve expected the least.

But then again, nothing about Elena has been expected since she got turned into a vampire. But could it all be part of an elaborate plan by Damon, or is it just a surprise connection that he hasn’t even realized it yet. It wasn’t until the closing moments of the episode that Caroline figured it out and shared it with Stefan. She’d been putting together the puzzle pieces of why Elena seemed to always agree with Damon, even when it meant abruptly changing her mind.

Somehow, as Damon was the one that turned her, Elena is now sired to Damon. Earlier in the night, she’d had to move out of her house because Jeremy’s new Hunter abilities is clouding his judgment — he’d already tried to kill her once. When she moved in with the Salvatores, Stefan left, because she’d already told him she had to choose Damon.

Damon and Elena Motel Scene from the Vampire Diaries – Season 3 Episode 19

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