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Description[ edit ] The wingman’s role is to add an element of mutual support to aerial combat. The presence of a wingman makes the flight both offensively and defensively more capable by increasing firepower and situational awareness, permitting the attack of enemies, and increasing the ability to employ more dynamic tactics. On 9 August , Oswald Boelcke was already acting in the role when he shot down a French airplane pursuing Max Immelmann. Among the wingman’s primary responsibilities are remaining close to the leader of the aerial formation and warning the leader of any immediate threats at the cost of losing mutual protection. Smith describes the responsibilities as mutually exclusive; never losing the leader required attention in front of the wingman, but warning the lead of any aircraft threats meant focusing on the rear. The wingman needs to protect the leader and react constantly according to his surroundings and movements. Smith describes the difficulties of flying under poor visibility and the trying effects on human perception under such conditions, especially considering the danger of being separated from the leader of the formation. According to Smith, wingmen are expected to remain with the leader, even at the cost of scoring an easy kill.

Saudi pilots trained by the RAF as more than learn how to fly in the UK

The innately practical, all-weather jacket may be the unofficial uniform of the modern-day cool-girl-slash-blogger, but the iconic layering piece actually has a very practical start, dating back to the early s during the First World War. With a rich history that spans its incarnation from WWI to its presence among the present-day fashion set, it’s easy to see how this versatile closet-staple has retained its cool factor through it all. A brief history of surprisingly stylish VMA outfits you don’t remember but should Function met fashion in when Manhattan raincoat maker Irving Schott designed the first motorcycle jacket for Harley Davidson.

Have you ever watched a war film and wondered, “What’s a Foxtrot? Who is Charlie? Did someone say Tango?” These unusual words belong to a powerful code language known as the Military Alphabet. Servicemen and women use this language to improve clarity of communication, and sometimes as a form of slang. The military alphabet, officially [ ].

Air Force, retiring in as a full Colonel. She is the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat and first to command a fighter squadron in combat in United States history. McSally is a distinguished graduate of the U. During that assignment, she flew nearly combat hours in support of Operation Southern Watch in the Middle East. After serving as a Legislative Fellow, Rep.

McSally was assigned to Saudi Arabia to oversee combat search and rescue operations over southern Iraq and Afghanistan. While stationed in Saudi Arabia, Rep. McSally challenged a discriminatory Pentagon policy that required servicewomen to wear Muslim garb when traveling off-base. She fought for a total of eight years to get the policy changed, eventually culminating with filing McSally vs Rumsfeld in court. She then helped to successfully shepherd legislation that was signed by the President and into law ending the demeaning policy.

McSally took over as commander of the th Fighter Squadron, becoming the first woman in U. As Squadron Commander, Rep.

MDC Mens Analog Wrist Watch LCD Date Military Aviator Dual Time Black Leather

Known industry wide for the relentless pursuit of safe, reliable helicopter transportation, PHI offers services to the offshore Oil and Gas, onshore mining, International, Air Medical, and Technical Services industries. The Company’s core business consists of offshore operations in the energy basins around the world. The highly skilled staff of pilots and maintenance technicians gives the company great depth in all areas of operation.

May 29,  · Much of this research, which focuses on a drug called modafinil, is openly sponsored and supervised by military United States leads .

A Hamilton US military “general purpose” watch from In keeping with similar watches of this type, the dial bears the “H3” mark which I think signifies the use of Tritium in the luminescent compound and the Radiation tri-foil symbol. The back of the watch bears the relevant military specification, part number and date information, together with the instruction that it should be disposed of as “radiation waste”. This watch has an interesting life story! As I understand it, it was procured, along with many other watches, by the British MoD in the ‘s and was evaluated at Herstmonceux Castle at that time owned by the Admiralty for potential military use.

In the 70’s, the watches used in the evaluation were sold and became part of a private collection. Ownership was then transferred to the author of a well-known book on military timepieces who, in , sold the watch on to another collector. Later, the watch briefly appeared on eBay, but the buyer returned it to the seller as he thought it was too small for him, thus enabling me to acquire it instead: In the ‘s the British Ministry of Defence produced a standard specification for watches to be issued to the armed forces.

This Longines also sometimes referred to as the “Greenlander” as it was supposedly used by members of the British North Greenland Expedition between and dates to although it appears to have had what I suspect is an MOD redial at a later date.

“48 Hours:” International search for justice in military pilot’s slaying

In those days, many considered duty as a combat pilot a virtual death sentence. More than 15, pilots died during the war. Pilots flew essentially totally exposed in open-air cockpits affected by wind, rain, and of course, enemy fire.

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Words By Brandon Cripps Share this story: For over a decade, four companies—Hamilton, CWC, Newmark, and Precista—supplied simple, sturdy, minute chronographs to the British military. Their classic black, two-register dials, workhorse Valjoux movements, and asymmetrical case design led to high usability and keep them popular and influential today.

Introduction In the early s, while the United States maintained and grew its military in response to the conflict in Southeast Asia and its Cold War with the Soviet Union, the British government was in the process of reducing its armed forces in both size and cost. This change allowed manufactures to begin using one of the classic workhorse chronograph movements of the s—the Valjoux It also balanced the case vertically in a way that it was not before, placing one button on top and one below the crown.

What it did not change was the asymmetry of the case from left to right. A design element intended to protect the crown and pushers from accidental bumps during use, the case is thicker on the right side than on the left. The dials are black with white markers, illuminated 12 and six numerals, and illuminated dots at each hour marker. The chronograph is activated and stopped by the top pusher, then reset by the bottom pusher.

The one obvious external difference between the four watches is the company branding that appears below Click here to learn more about tritium and luminescence. Military Markings As is true with all military equipment, issuing and tracking of these watches was an important job. To aid in that process, these watches were marked with four important pieces of information:

Top 10 Legendary Fighter Pilots

But Lea Gabrielle also brings vast experience that lends instant credibility to Fox News’s aviation coverage. By Stephen Pope posted Aug 21st, at With striking looks and on-air poise that seem tailor made for cable news, Lea Gabrielle, 39, was born to do this job. She also served with U. Special Operations as a human intelligence officer in Afghanistan.

6E/50 Observer’s/Navigator’s watch: 6E/50 is not a manufacturer but a military code assigned by the British Air Ministry during World War 2 to a type of pocket .

June 1, , Air Force is facing a severe crisis. There are two very different types of leadership employed by officers in the Air Force. There is officer-to-enlisted leadership, which most support and maintenance officers learn on the job from the onset, and then there is peer to peer leadership, which young pilots learn beginning at Undergraduate Pilot Training UPT and into their first few assignments.

I know that I have learned a lot from my operator colleagues, and many of them have learned a lot from me and my fellow support and maintenance officers. Not only is senior service leadership comprised of pilots, but most Wing commanders are also pilots, even when the base could often be better served by having someone with a support or maintenance background at the helm. We ask way too much of our operators. Why does almost every single wing commander need to be an operator?

And while we are on that thought, why are we making some operators mission support group commanders? Place operators into the leadership positions where they are needed, like in fighter squadrons or operations groups, and let the rest do what most of them want to: Most support and maintenance officers begin their careers managing large programs and processes, while leading large groups of people.

I remember that my first day out of tech school as a second lieutenant I was made the officer in charge of 94 airmen, managing and delivering millions of gallons of jet fuel a year.

Lea Gabrielle

In days past, many considered duty as a combat pilot a virtual death sentence. A lot more than 15, pilots died through the pugilative war. Pilots flew totally exposed in open-air cockpits suffering from wind essentially, rain, not to mention, enemy fire. Pilots had to understand dangerous, difficult-to-control machines and were pitted against each other in close combat. A united team of FAA-certified drone pilots flew their unmanned aerial vehicles in collaboration with aerodrome pilots, capturing breathtaking video of these aerobatic skills.

military-in-monterey Military Newcomer’s Welcome Guide to MONTEREY ARMY PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY AND NAVAL SUPPORT ACTIVITY MONTEREY Army – Navy – Marines Air Force.

The thermometer stays at one hundred and twenty in the shade there all the time — except when it varies and goes higher. There is a tradition… that a very, very wicked soldier died there, once, and of course, went straight to the hottest corner of perdition, — and the next day he telegraphed back for his blankets. The state also has a major U. Fort Huachuca — This fort was established in by the U. Army and it has a rich history that continues to this day as the major military installation in Arizona and one of prominence throughout the Southwest.

Today the fort is still an active Army post serving as the home for the U.


That’s great if you have a multi-pilot crew Not so good in some situations if you’re the only pilot aboard. It’s an acronym for a checklist.

This website provides responsible criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report by senior military, intelligence and government officials. It provides experienced professional opinions about the terrorist attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon.

November 9, The village of Opijnen oh-PIE-nin in the Netherlands is a farming community where grazing sheep, cows and goats outnumber people population around 1, , and cars have to move to the side of the narrow roads for tractors coming in the opposite direction. There are no stores and one church, which discreetly tolls the hour. It’s therefore hard to imagine how shocking it must have been 75 years ago when the town’s slow, ancient, chthonic rhythms were surreally interrupted by a thunderous explosion.

On July 30, , an American B F bomber, heading home to its base in England after a raid over Kassel, Germany, was shot down and crashed in a local field. Villagers looked up to see men falling out of the sky. A few minutes later we heard an awful smack. I was at the Townhall and ran outside and saw to the right a great column of smoke. I took my bike, raced to the plane of black smoke, and saw a burning aircraft of which the cannons were still firing,” wrote Bart Formijne for-MYN-a , then the young mayor of Opijnen, in a letter in English to the family of one of the crew of the plane that he later learned was named Man-O-War.

Those things were parachutes. At the same time we saw two dirty German aircraft still circling above the burning plane. Formijne found him in the hayloft.

Dating in the military

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