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T und einer Antiterroreinheit Counter-Terrorists, kurz: Die Art des Gefechtes variiert je nach Spielmodus. Danach wird ihm ein passender Server mit den vorgegeben Einstellungen zugewiesen. Eine Seite muss eine bestimmte Anzahl an Runden gewinnen je nach Einstellung und Spielmodus unterschiedlich , um als Sieger des Spiels hervorzugehen. Werden alle Gegner vor Zeitablauf ausgeschaltet, hat man in der Regel die Runde automatisch gewonnen. Der klassische Modus ist wiederum in zwei Arten unterteilt: Die Bombenplatzierung dauert etwa drei Sekunden. Bei der Geiselbefreiung haben die Counter-Terroristen die Aufgabe mindestens eine von zwei auf der Map platzierten unbeweglichen Geiseln zu retten. Erreicht ein Counter-Terrorist eine Geisel erfolgreich, kann er diese retten und in die Geiselrettungszone, welche sich meist innerhalb des CT-Spawns befindet, bringen. Hier endet eine Runde bei Zeitablauf unentschieden.

Restoring Vision to A.V.A in CGO

Blue posters have been very active lately, it’s time for a recap! Filefront to be suspended indefinitely on March 30 The financial crisis hasn’t been very nice to Filefront it seems, the site will be suspended indefinitely on March If there is anything you want to save from this site, now might be the right time to do it. We regret to inform you that due to the current economic conditions we are forced to indefinitely suspend the FileFront site operations on March 30, If you have uploaded files, images or posted blogs, or if you would like to download some of your favorite files, please take this opportunity to download them before March 30th when the site will be suspended.

In ranked matches (1on1, 2on2, 3on3, 4on4, doesn’t matter) leaving at any point of the match should result in a timed matchmaking ban. First time for some hours, second time in a short period for 1 or 2 days, third time in a short period for a week.

Die Pros sind um sich ein wenig auf die Schulter zu klopfen Pro: Ich will nur, dass meine Spiele mit Internet Hearthstone, Dota2 gut laufen und hier hatte ich keine Probleme. Und da komm ich aber auch schon zu einem Contra: Aber jedes mal bei Kritik kommt wieder diese Abwehrhaltung. Das macht ihr mit Turnieren! So aber leider nicht. Und wenn ihr mit Turnieren Werbung machen wollt, dann passt doch bitte die Regeln an. Bei 2on2 stehen sogar 2 verschiedene MapPools.

Vielleicht helfen euch hier auch Besucher, die Erfahrung mit dem Spiel haben. Uns Stammbesucher habt ihr vielleicht auf fast jeder Lan, aber wenn ihr neue Besucher wollt, dann sind das die Informationen, die einen Spieler interessiert. Andere organisatorischen Dinge haben damit ja nicht einmal etwas zu tun Abgesehen vom Internet siehe oben -Am Freitag gab es bisher oft Maultauschen, was ich eine gute Abwechslung zum Fastfood fande.

Ich komme gerne wieder! Und versucht die Kritik so gut es geht anzunehmen und keine Ausreden zu suchen.


Ja pamietam czasy, gdy cs 1. Jednak po wyjsciu 1. Czyms swiezym, bo jak pamietacie 1. Moze cs go po poprawkach bedzie godnym zmiany cs 1.

Bugs Community Config counter strike Counterstrike Counterstrike Community Counterstrike GUIs Counterstrike Maps Counterstrike Models Counterstrike Tools CPL CPL GUI CS-Intern CS GUIs CS GUIs download CS Maps CS Models CS CFG CS GUIs Deutschland ENC ESL eSport Fnatic Gewinnspiel GUI GUIs Half Life hoorai IEM Intel Keyboard.

Perhaps I should look at mouse wrist rests? You can literally snipe their Medic as a demoman without sticks extremely easily and it just munches on scouts. Parachute was aids but more gimmicky – if your scouts just shoot the parachuting player its a free pick, but if they don’t you can do surprisingly more than I expected. Gunslinger was frustrating to play against occassionally in scrappy fights but in general was very easy to deal with Jarate when holding or just spamming it in then pushing is crazy good, easy to just spam it into choke and deny a push and kill everything.

Makes playing without Jarate unviable from what I played – same with the old quick fix, you had to use it essentially. Didn’t really notice anything else, sandvich was kind of dumb but I noone used much else than the above. I’d assume rescue ranger would be good but haven’t played vs it yet Edit: Atomizer could theoretically be really strong since you can just dodge the soldier for long enough to kill him but I haven’t played soldier vs it yet Overall, I felt that the Jarate, Rescue Ranger and possibly the Atomizer were the only very broken unlocks.

The others could be easily learnt to counter or were comparable to other weapons available – such as the direct hit and loch n load. The parachute seems strong but giving up a weapon for it makes it more of a gimmick than anything.


Basketball Hero merupakan 3on3 freestyle game dengan konsep basket jalanan freestyle 2 yang sangat menarik. Basketball Hero telah disahkan oleh Freestyle2 dan menjadi game basket 3on3 terbaik di mobile, rasakan freestyle streetball MOBA yang sebenarnya juga dengan konsep Hip Hop! Sebuah game olahraga yang terkenal di lebih dari 70 negara dan direkomendasikan 5 negara di Asia Tenggara.

Cocok untuk kalian yang suka basketball games dan jago basket seperti pemain NBA! Taklukkan ring basketnya seperti pemain NBA dan kalahkan lawan kalian!

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Allerdings bedarf es eine ruhige Hand und starke Nerven den Umgang mit der Deagle zu meistern. Wer die Deagle aus 1. Deshalb bedarf es starke Nerven. Zwingt euch einfach dazu nicht ins Schnellfeuer zu geraten. Das ist bei dieser Waffe die falsche Wahl. Nachteil bei der USP sind ganz klar die 13 Schuss.


What direction would you like to see the MK team go for the next game? I’d keep it movin’ on forward man. I wouldn’t go backwards for at least two games. I know that sounds like a vague question, and it’s meant to be that way.

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That hasn’t changed” Today champs also play 10 out of 24 hours. Well, at least they used to play till last dreamhack QL events. Add the experience of 20 years on top of daily practice for many hours a day and you almost become godlike for newer esport athletes, if I may call them so. And as we speak abt just getting good not abt becoming a pro then if this is true abt pros it is also valid regarding veteran players who are just very god but not pros.

I been there, maybe not tending to become one of the best in the world, and I complained in the past that medium value players as I seen them at the time would pose a greater problem to me than pros. I did that for a few weeks but then I realized very fast that I also want to have a life and so after abt 6 weeks I burned out. Talking abt “burning” why do you think ie that the newest QL sensation -burned -retired so early? You have no idea how much time QL ate from his life to get good.

No wonder that he was “burned out” like someone mentioned on twitch maybe rapha said that he burned out, don’t recall exactly Point is that the “get tougher” advice is not relevant, maybe “get Godlike, sink your babies you father and your wife to play Quake all day” is a more proper advice.

[Multi] Counter

Hey there Mooseman and m0rdiN. First of all thanks for your time. Could you please introduce yourselves to our readers and of course tell us a little bit about your job at Dota-League?

With i36 just weeks away, Multiplay has released the list of seedings for the Halo tournament. Multiplay’s i-series is the UK’s largest LAN event and next month will see the 36th chapter being written.

I’m sure QC will have that too. That really isn’t what I was talking about. Even people who know very well what they are doing may invest a lot of time tweaking their config if they have that ability. Maybe you are not one of them. I’m not suggesting changes to prevent morons from damaging their configs. I’m suggesting we liberate people from the need to continually feel they can squeeze out a drop more of advantage by spending another hour piss farting around with their config file.

I’d like some customization that is about comfort, enjoyment, and getting a half-decent frame rate rather than advantage-seeking.

Hookup Username Dota 2 Matchmaking Bug

Everyone busting out the fridge gifs, but I’ll take that footstep bug fix. That thing is fuckin infuriating, thrilled to see it fixed. Lowering the skin ceiling by introducing more RNG. GG Valve “Fixed some cases where footstep sounds would not be heard.

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Junia Ik vind het persoonlijk weer tegenvallen.. Het is op een bepaalde manier weer exact hetzelfde als elke “geflopte” nieuwe versie van CS 1. Nieuw grafisch jasje Engine opgepoetst maar gameplay is te erg veranderd. Dingen die ik persoonlijk erg jammer vind zelfs als ze onrealistisch zijn – Geluid van voetstappen. Ja het klopt dat je niet mensen op meter hoort stampen als olifanten, echter in de oudere varianten was het velen malen duidelijker wanneer je iemand ergens een stap hoorde maken of hoorde rennen.

Ja, ik ben heel blij dat mensen niet meer kunnen ‘Russian walken’ maar ik vind het echt walgelijk dat ze zo’n belangrijke gameplay feature gewoon helemaal weg hebben gehaald ook al was het in beginsel een bug. Je kan niet meer even heel kort over een kistje peaken, gevolgd door een wallbang etc. Als je bijvoorbeeld tegen een AWM’er staat die je staat af te wachten tot je de hoek om komt.

Wat wil je nu doen? Ook niet echt een slim idee Had me cool geleken als ze een soort van feature erin hadden waar je nog een paar extra skins mee kon unlocken o. Enkel cosmetische playerskins Junia wijzigde deze reactie

eSports Yearbook by Tobias Scholz

Wings of Liberty WoL. Apart from the expectations for multiplayer from the StarCraft: Brood War community, it had to sell its campaign to the larger audience and then coax those players back into the multiplayer game. The decision was made early on to separate the campaign and multiplayer games and, as such, this is really two games in one. First and foremost, I agree with Blizzard’s decision to split the game into the initial Terran campaign and forthcoming expansions with the Zerg and Protoss campaigns.

Jun 07,  · [Sammelthread] Counter-Strike – Global Offensive Und die mini 2on2 ladder finde ich auch Nice. Kann man cs auch mal zu wieder spielen. Hab das Spiel eig immer nur wegen matchmaking an oder.

Forums Restoring Vision to A. A as the community transitions to new publisher En Masse. They each take a different route in morphing features to become selling points while shedding the minor details that made CS: S and its predecessor so popular. This is where A. A stands out and gains its traction in today’s market across Asia, Europe, and North America. It is this uniqueness that keeps the appeal of A. A high and what should be refined for any suggested improvements.

It is an understood concept that any type of change needs to pass through the sole developer Redduck while being efficient to produce. The following suggestions are an aggregate list that has been gathered since the game’s release, and my own personal wishlist. A offers a unique game play experience that can not be found in games like CS: This taste stemmed from its unusual ‘hard to control’ weapons as players expressed.

Despite the game being difficult, it was enjoyable to be rewarded for good play related to your skill. The game also made it easier on the players by offering three types of classes to meet the demands of differently skilled players.

Geht’s euch auch so? – CS:GO Solo Matchmaking auf Dust 2 [German]

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